1. Delivery rates cross-border Ecommerce from China to Vietnam

2. Delivery rates cross-border Ecommerce from Korea to Vietnam


(1) Rates in the table are all-in rates, which includes processing costs, shipping, last-mile fees, customs clearance costs.

(2) Chargeable weight (CW) is deemed as whichever higher between actual weight and dimensional weight, of the item. Dimensional weight formula: Length x Width x Height (cm)/5,000.
Within the scope of this quotation, when “weight” or “item weight” is mentioned, it refers to chargeable weight, with aforementioned definition.
E.g.: Item A weighs 3kg with length, width and height are 25, 50, and 40 (cm), respectively. Thus, dimensional weight of A is 10kg. In this case, chargeable weight of A is 10kg.

(3) Surcharge will be applicable for certain goods: milk, cosmetics, functional food, dried food, game card, accessories, drink, book…: 4 USD / parcel

(4) The above quotation does not include First Mile pick up in China.

(5) Service fee does not include Value-aded Tax in every destination.

(6) This service does not carry liquid, dangerous goods, flammable , explosive, perishable goods and fake goods, packaging must be firmly packed.

(7) Above rates are only for general cargo and may be changed without prior notice.