Services exclusively for e-commerce goods from China, Korea to Vietnam.

1. Service charge:

Currency unit: VND


(1) The above quotation does not include first mile service in Korea.
(2) Chargeable weight (CW) is deemed as whichever higher between gross weight and volumetric weight.
Volumetric Weight (kg) = ( Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm))/5000
Within the scope of this quotation, when “item weight” or “parcel weight” is mentioned, it refers to chargeable weight.
(3) Maximum chargeable weight of parcels and items accepted is 10kg.
(4) Maximum dimension per side of parcels and items accepted is 100cm.
(5) Service fee does not include Value-added Tax in every destination.
(6) Above rates may be changed without prior notice.
(7) This service does not carry liquid, dangerous goods, flammable , explosive, perishable goods, fake goods, and goods subject to special inspection and packaging must be firmly packed.
(8) There will be tax and regulations charge for parcels with value equal to or over 1,000,000 (one million) VND

2. Prohibited items list:

1. Aerosol Cans with Compressed Gas
2. Alcohol Products
3. All kinds of flying devices, recording devices, medical devices
4. All kinds of playing cards (tarot, poker, pokemon,…)
5. Animals
6. Any Devices containing battery
7. Any External Battery/Powerbank
8. Any Items with a Weapon Shape like Revolvers, Pistols, Grenades, Knives etc.,
9. Any Product That Can Be Used In Military, Chemical Or Biological Weapons, Missile Technology, Or Nuclear Proliferation
10. Articles, Publications of A Pornographic Or Obscene Nature
11. Asbestos
12. Battery Fluids
13. Compressed Gas
14. Compressed Gas Cylinders
15. Controlled Drugs And Psychotropic Substances
16. Corrosives
17. Counterfeit Replica Goods
18. Chewing Tobacco, Shisha Tobacco, And Imitation Of Tobacco Products, Ie Electronic Cigarettes Etc
19. Drugs
20. Electronic circuits, chips, boards, components
21. Electronic Devices: Mobile Phone, Ipad, Tablet, Kindle, Television, Camera (& Camera Lens), Electronic Home Appliances,…
22. Endangered Species Of Wildlife And Their By-Products
23. Essential Oils And Diffuser Oils
24. Explosives
25. Fertilizers
26. Firearms (Including Parts Thereof) And Ammunition
27. Firecrackers And Fireworks
28. Flammable
29. Foods & Beverages
30. Fragrance/Perfume
31. Fragile Goods
32. Fuels
33. Furs
34. Gasoline
35. Human Remains, Including Ashes
36. Imitation Arms Including Toy Guns And Toy Grenades
37. Insecticides
38. Laser Apparatus, Such As Laser Pointers That Are Found To Have Emission Powers
39. LEDs, Devices with LED indicators.
40. Lighters With Lighter Fuel
41. Liquid
42. Live Goods, eg Living Animals, Plants, Insects or Seeds
43. Magnetic / Magnetised Material
44. Meat Or Animal Extracts
45. Medical Samples, Ie Biological/Diagnostic Specimens, Blood, Urine, Bodily Fluids, Etc
46. Motor Vehicles, Hooverboards, Electric Scooters, Etc
47. Nail Polish And Nail Polish Removers
48. Night Vision Infra-Red Goggles And Binoculars
49. Printed Articles, Books & Managize
50. Radioactive Material And Radioactive Waste
51. Secondhand Goods
52. Spare parts of cars, motorbikes,
53. Stamps
54. Video Tapes, Video Compact Discs, Digital Video Discs, Laser Discs, Records Or Cassettes