Summary: Gido is a new project incubated by SCommerce (formerly known as Giaohangnhanh) with the ambition to create a digital platform for modern forwarding and cross-border delivery.

The emergence of cross-border e-commerce raises the need for more transparent and efficient cross-border supply chain. Shipments need to be handled, processed and tracked at SKU and/or individual parcel level instead of container/ pallet, and cross-border inventory needs to be synchronized on a connected IT system to allow real time inventory allocation and supply chain shortening.

Gido platform consists of 2 main modules:

  • Overseas warehouse management platform;
  • Freight forwarder platform;

With this platform, Gido aspires to serve the following groups of customers:

  • E-commerce marketplace who would like to support cross-border selling from other countries to Vietnam & Southeast Asia (cross-border delivery for e-commerce parcel);
  • Customers who want to import from other countries such as China, Korea.. and need one comprehensive software to manage their shipments from these countries to Vietnam & Southeast Asia;

You will:

– Calculate KPI & KPI payment

  • Calculate KPI & KPI payment in accordance with policies;
  • Collect information/ reference data to cross-check KPI/ key results;
  • Interpret compensation policies logically and in accordance with laws, regulations, and general compensation principles of Gido;

– Document KPI scheme and compensation policies

  • Write up KPI formulas and policies in accordance with instructions given or approved by CEO;
  • Write up thought process behind such compensation policies & discretions;
  • Update SCommerce HR team on Gido’s compensation policies & discretions to maintain high level of transparency; and collect feedback, advice, benchmark data for further improvement;

– Measure effectiveness of compensation policies

  • Measure the effectiveness of compensation policies, which is defined as the impact of compensation schemes on performance (e.g. top line revenue, cost savings, operations metrics, bottom line EBITDA,..) of employees, team or organization;

– Communication

  • Handle employees’ inquiries about compensation matters;
  • Organize workshops, meetings,.. to educate employees on compensation policies (including incentive and penalty schemes), compensation principles, KPI measurement methods;

You are an ideal candidate if:

  • General knowledge of HR is prefered;
  • Data skills; Strong analytical and logical thinking; Systematic and “rule-based” thinking;
  • Ability to make decisions rationally and dispassionately; willingness to make ‘right decisions’ instead of  “comfortable decisions”;
  • An ideal candidate should be a “fact & figure”, no-nonsense, “truth seeking”, calm person;
  • Ability to collect facts & evidences, question & investigate whenever necessary;
  • Ability to write up comprehensive and cohesive policies and formulas;
  • Strong persuasive skills; Strong Excel skills, SQL is plus;

How to apply

Please kindly send your CV via our email: [email protected]