Operations Excellence Specialist

Gido is a new project incubated by SCommerce (formerly known as Giaohangnhanh) with the ambition to create a digital platform for modern forwarding and cross-border delivery.

Being one of the oldest trade on earth and valued at $ 9 trillion today, even in this age of ubiquitous real-time tracking and on-demand intra-city delivery, cross-border freight forwarding still relies on antiquated systems, including faxes and phone calls, and personal connections, to coordinate along the delivery chain.

It is difficult for customers to track their shipment at SKU/ items level on a single dashboard like how we are doing with Uber and Grab.

The emergence of cross-border e-commerce raises the need for more transparent and efficient cross-border supply chain. Shipments need to be handled, processed and tracked at SKU and/or individual parcel level instead of container/ pallet, and cross-border inventory needs to be synchronized on a connected IT system to allow real time inventory allocation and supply chain shortening.

Gido platform consists of 2 main modules:

  • Overseas warehouse management platform;
  • Freight forwarder platform;

With this platform, Gido aspires to serve the following groups of customers:

  • E-commerce marketplace who would like to support cross-border selling from other countries to Vietnam (cross-border delivery for e-commerce parcel);
  • Customers who want to import from other countries such as USA, China, Japan.. who need one comprehensive software to manage their shipments;

You will

  • Work alongside technical team and operations team to develop platform MVP;
  • Source and onboard overseas warehouse vendors;
  • Source and onboard freight forwarders;
  • Conduct analysis to pick the right partners (warehouse vendors/ forwarder);
  • Design solution for warehouse operations, warehouse layout, materials handling/storage equipments,..
  • Setup warehouse organisation structure, roles and onboarding / training plan for warehouse staffs, supervisors (working with warehouse vendors);
  • Setup and implement forwarding operations structure, roles and onboarding/ training plan for forwarders, quoting, booking, picking up and delivery process for forwarders;
  • Create collateral, FAQs, presentations, and white papers that can be leveraged by sales people, marketing people, and executives;
  • Train and ensure continuous development of installation team;
  • Setup KPI framework for warehouse vendors and forwarders on cost, lead-time, quality;
  • Setup communications plan – KPI review schedule & agenda, key reports for operations team;
  • Create a “warehouse blueprint” and “forwarder blueprint” to standardize all aspects of setup & operations (process, equipment, management approach, etc.) to ensure consistent level of performance across all facilities after setup phase;

An ideal candidate should be:

  • Experienced with online-to-offline product development; Example: transportation platform such as Uber/ Grab, warehouse management system development, etc.
  • Data-driven, familiar with Excel, SQL;
  • Experienced with software product development, agile development process;
  • Experienced with project management, PMP certificate is a plus;
  • Experienced with warehouse operations and freight forwarding is a plus;
  • Detail oriented and good time management;
  • Willing to work overtime and get your hand-dirty;
  • Demonstrated good leadership & communications skills, able to lead-by-action on shop floor when required;

How to apply:

Please kindly send your CV via our email:  [email protected]