Operations Excellence Specialist

Summary: Gido is a new project incubated by SCommerce (formerly known as Giaohangnhanh) with the ambition to create a digital platform for modern forwarding and cross-border delivery.

The emergence of cross-border e-commerce raises the need for more transparent and efficient cross-border supply chain. Shipments need to be handled, processed and tracked at SKU and/or individual parcel level instead of container/ pallet, and cross-border inventory needs to be synchronized on a connected IT system to allow real time inventory allocation and supply chain shortening.

Gido platform consists of 2 main modules:

  • Overseas warehouse management platform;
  • Freight forwarder platform;

With this platform, Gido aspires to serve the following groups of customers:

  • E-commerce marketplace who would like to support cross-border selling from other countries to Vietnam & Southeast Asia (cross-border delivery for e-commerce parcel);
  • Customers who want to import from other countries such as China, Korea.. and need one comprehensive software to manage their shipments from these countries to Vietnam & Southeast Asia;

    You will

    • Work alongside technical team and operations team to develop platform MVP;
    • Source and onboard overseas warehouse vendors;
    • Source and onboard freight forwarders;
    • Conduct analysis to pick the right partners (warehouse vendors/ forwarder);
    • Design solution for warehouse operations, warehouse layout, materials handling/storage equipment,..
    • Setup warehouse organisation structure, roles and onboarding / training plan for warehouse staffs, supervisors (working with warehouse vendors);
    • Setup and implement forwarding operations structure, roles and onboarding/ training plan for forwarders, quoting, booking, picking up and delivery process for forwarders;
    • Create collateral, FAQs, presentations, and white papers that can be leveraged by sales people, marketing people, and executives;
    • Train and ensure continuous development of installation team;
    • Setup KPI framework for warehouse vendors and forwarders on cost, lead-time, quality;
    • Setup communications plan – KPI review schedule & agenda, key reports for operations team;
    • Create a “warehouse blueprint” and “forwarder blueprint” to standardize all aspects of setup & operations (process, equipment, management approach, etc.) to ensure consistent level of performance across all facilities after setup phase;

    An ideal candidate should be:

    • Experienced with online-to-offline product development; Example: transportation platforms such as Uber/ Grab, warehouse management system development, etc.
    • Data-driven, familiar with Excel, SQL;
    • Experienced with software product development, agile development process;
    • Experienced with project management, PMP certificate is a plus;
    • Experienced with warehouse operations and freight forwarding is a plus;
    • Detail oriented and good time management;
    • Willing to work overtime and get your hand-dirty;
    • Demonstrated good leadership & communications skills, able to lead-by-action on shop floor when required;

    How to apply:

    Please kindly send your CV via our email:  [email protected]