Overseas Warehouse Expansion Intern/ Executive/ Specialist

Overseas warehouse expansion specialist


Gido is a new project incubated by SCommerce (formerly known as Giaohangnhanh) with the ambition to create a digital platform for modern forwarding and cross-border delivery.

The emergence of cross-border e-commerce raises the need for more transparent and efficient cross-border supply chain. Shipments need to be handled, processed and tracked at SKU and/or individual parcel level instead of container/ pallet, and cross-border inventory needs to be synchronized on a connected IT system to allow real time inventory allocation and supply chain shortening.

Gido platform consists of 2 main modules:

  • Overseas warehouse management platform;
  • Freight forwarder platform;  

With this platform, Gido aspires to serve the following groups of customers:

  • E-commerce marketplace who would like to support cross-border selling from other countries to Vietnam & Southeast Asia (cross-border delivery for e-commerce parcel);
  • Customers who want to import from other countries such as China, Korea.. and need one comprehensive software to manage their shipments from these countries to Vietnam & Southeast Asia;

Warehouses are considered the ‘heart’ in this digitalised logistics platform, where all sorting/ picking/ packing activities happen, and they are the nodes which all transportation vendors are connected with. The ultimate goal of Gido’s warehouses, as well as the whole Gido platform, is to be integrated digitally as one big ‘cloud warehouse’ whereby inventory allocation in different countries/ regions are determined by computerised system to achieve optimal balance of delivery time and cost (logistics + tariff).

You will:

  • Create & update SOP for overseas warehouses;
  • Source warehouse locations and vendors in China/ Korea;
  • Recruit staff (preferably contract workers) for warehouses in China/ Korea;
  • Negotiate contracts with warehouse vendors, formulate and implement payment/ security deposit schemes, metrics based payment scheme, to mitigate counterparty risks and ensure vendors’ full compliance with Gido’s SOP;
  • Design process to control systematic risk of overseas warehouses network, develop back-up plans for unexpected situations;
  • Design solutions for warehouse operations, warehouse layout, materials handling/storage equipments,…
  • Plan and track warehouse setup budget;
  • Be on-site in China/ Korea/ the Philippines.. in 2 – 3 months to setup new warehouses, train staff/ contract workers, design and implement incentive schemes, implement Gido’s system for warehouse operations, and ensure full compliance of operations with Gido’s SOP;
  • Roll out Gido’s system (both software and hardware) at warehouses; Train warehouse staff to use system and minimise discrepancy between physical inventory and online data;   
  • Setup KPI framework for warehouse on cost, lead-time, quality;
  • Measure operations metrics for warehouse: lead time, on time ratio, backlog; Using SQL/ BigQuery to automate data reporting;
  • Setup communications plan – KPI review schedule & agenda, key reports for warehouse vendors and teams;
  • Create a “warehouse blueprint” to standardize all aspects of warehouse setup & operations (process, equipment, management approach, etc.) to ensure consistent level of performance across all facilities after setup phase;

An ideal candidate should be:

  • Full fluency in English; Chinese is a plus;
  • Willing to explore the unknowns and set up new things;
  • Ready and able to learn fast; Do things that you don’t have experiences with;
  • Next-level attention to detail;
  • Have risk management mindset;
  • Willing to get hands dirty with on-the-ground operations;
  • Data-driven, familiar with Excel, SQL;
  • Courage to challenge the status quo when logic and reason require it;
  • Technology oriented. No paper. All digital;
  • Very structured with high level of energy;

We look for candidates who are inspired by data, technology, ready to get hands dirty with operations on the ground, willing to explore the unknowns and able to learn fast to join the team. No previous experience in logistics is mandatory.

How to apply:

Interested candidates please send CV & cover letter to: [email protected]